The Manchester Arena Inquiry hears of ‘No Government urgency’ over venue security

25 January 2021

Pete Weatherby

Pete Weatherby QC made his closing statement today in the phase of the Inquiry which looked at security arrangements at the Arena.

Pete told the Inquiry that there has been ‘no government urgency’ to tighten security at venues in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing and that the failure of the government to even set out a timetable for change was a ‘complete lack of commitment’ which ‘increases the risk of further outrages’.

Read more in the following news articles:

BBC News

The Guardian

Manchester Evening News

The Independent 

Pete Weatherby QC acts on behalf of seven of the bereaved families at the Public Inquiry leading Anna Morris, Mira Hammad and Christian Weaver of Garden Court North Chambers and Harriet Johnson of Doughty Street Chambers.

The proceedings are continuing.

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