Blog 8 January 2018

Questions arising from the release of John Worboys

In this blog Garden Court North Chambers' Matthew Stanbury, a specialist in criminal law and prison law, answers some of those questions.

Blog 19 December 2017

All about P – Enabling people to fully participate in Court of Protection proceedings

Ben McCormack, an experienced Court of Protection practitioner, on how to ensure that those without capacity are best involved in decision making.

Blog 19 December 2017

Why the policy of “believe the complainant” was behind the failure of disclosure in the case of Liam Allan

Mark George QC on why no decent police officer should have any interest in convicting an innocent person.

Blog 30 November 2017

When is rent in advance not rent in advance?

Elizabeth Mottershaw, a barrister at Garden Court North Chambers, considers attempts by landlords to evade the rules on protecting tenancy deposits.

Blog 30 November 2017

The right to protest and the policing of protests by Richard Brigden

Richard Brigden, a criminal defence and appeals barrister at Garden Court North Chambers, considers the right to protest and the policing of protests.

Blog 24 November 2017

The Miner and the Police Officer – why a photograph matters

Mark George QC writes about about how Don McPhee's iconic photograph inspires us in our work defending people who stand up for what they believe.

Blog 23 November 2017

Domestic violence settlement applications and appeal rights

Lucy Mair, of Garden Court North Chambers, explores R (AT) v Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Blog 21 November 2017

Representing the vulnerable in criminal proceedings

Clare Ashcroft, a barrister at Garden Court North Chambers, writes about representing vulnerable defendants in criminal proceedings.

Blog 14 November 2017

Victory for the Greenpeace Ten

Garden Court North Chambers' Andy Fitzpatrick and Richard Brigden on the ten Greenpeace anti-fracking activists who had charges against them dismissed.

Blog 13 November 2017

Cleared for execution even though Alabama prisoner has no memory of offence

Garden Court North Chambers' Mark George QC considers a couple of recent US death penalty cases.

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