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Zimran Samuel

Call Year: 2008
Qualifications: LLM Human Rights (University College London)
BA Hons Law and Anthropology (London School of Economics)
Areas of Practice: Children Law and Human Rights
Tel: 0161 236 1840

"Zimran has a thriving practice in family law, with sources noting his specialism in children's law, often with a human rights or international element. He is a young man who will go far and is excellent at what he does" - Chambers and Partners 2014



Zimran is a specialist in children law and human rights. He practices predominately in the High Court.

He is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) and has assisted the BHRC with litigation in Nepal and Pakistan. He is currently undertaking work for several international organisations including UNICEF.

Zimran is licensed to accept Direct Public Access work.


  • Moroccan Children’s Trust
  • Bar Pro Bono Unit
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge (2009/10)

Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge


Reported Cases


BHRC Report to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), 4th March 2014 

UK is failing to meet international obligations on FGM, The Times newspaper, Zimran Samuel, Kirsty Brimelow QC, 26th February 2014

Female Genital Mutilation, submissions to the Parliamentary Inquiry on FGM (Home Affairs Committee) 12th February 2014

The boundaries of wardship in stranded spouse cases, Family Law ICLIP, Jordans Publishing, 24th January 2014

Children increasingly face neglect amid failing national systems, Family Law ICLIP Jordans Publishing, November 2013

Life at the modern Bar; young barristers’ views, The Times newspaper, 31st October 2013 

Unicef Nigeria Child Rights Manual, Unicef,[editing team], 2013

Children increasingly face neglect amid failing national systems, Family Law ICLIP Jordans Publishing, November 2013  

Life at the modern Bar: young barristers’ views, The Times, 31st October 2013

Life at the modern Bar

Preventing Forced Marriages, Family Law ICLIP, Jordans, 19th September 2013

Challenges for a new government in Islamabad, Minority Voices, 19th July 2013

Forced Conversions and Forced Marriages in Pakistan, BHRC, March 2013

An Interview with Mr. Justice Ryder on the Modernisation of Family Justice, Family Law Week, Dec. 2012

International Hearing on Religious Freedom, Report from the 21st session of the UNHRC, BHRC Report, September 2012

Report of the International Committee, Bar Council’s delegation to New York, In Brief, Sept 2012

Age of Criminal Responsibility in Pakistan, BHRC, 21st May 2012. 

Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples, Family Law, Jordan Publishing, November 2010

The Work of the International Law Commission, United Nations Publication, 7th edition, edited chapter on international tribunals, 2008.

Minority Rights in Pakistan, Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, Oct. 2008.


Discussion with Asma Jahangir, Tuesday 03 September 2013, Doughty Street Chambers

Forced Marriages: Law and Practice, 18th October 2012, Bindmans LLP in London.

European Court of Human Rights, 16th April 2012, NewYork City Bar Association, New York City.

Law and Conflict in Kashmir, 31st October 2011, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 23rd November 2010, University of Manchester (Samuel Alexander Theatre)

The Participation of Children in the Family Courts, seminar presented at the University of Cambridge, 9th June 2010

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Name: Zimran Samuel
Call Year: 2008

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