Georgina was one of the original members of Chambers, having joined as a tenant in 1997.  She is now a full-time  Lecturer in Law at the University of Lancasterin the areas of Criminal law, Crime and Criminal Justice, Evidence, Gender and Immigration and Asylum law.

Georgina continues to retain strong links with Chambers as a non-practising door tenant.  This partnership helps to foster important links between academia and the legal world. In her academic career, Georgina is now responsible for a full programme of teaching, research and other activities.  Georgina regularly works with other Members of Chambers in her Lancaster Law School initiatives:

  • Lancaster University Innocence Project - An Innocence Project (IP) is a student led project focusing on the study of wrongful criminal convictions, with a view to referral back to the Court of Appeal via the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Students are involved in investigating real criminal cases. Assistance is provided pro bono to prisoners who maintain their innocence and have exhausted their appeal rights.  The Lancaster Project has been operating since 2007 and was officially launched in October 2008 with a public lecture from Paddy Hill and Gerry Conlon. Mark George QC regularly advises and trains members of the Project.   Pete Weatherby QC and Mark Barlow have also provided training in the past.
  • Georgina is currently trying to establish a Northern Refugee Network and organised a conference entitled  Contemporary issues in Refugee Law Conference (2015)  as a starting point for this. Guest speakers included Lucy Mair (GCN), Denise McDowell (GMIAU) and Professor Antony Good (University of Edinburgh).
  • Georgina is involved with a network of academics, professionals and third sector workers looking at sexual crime and in particular rape.
  • Contributor to Textbook on  Immigration and Asylum Law 6e (Clayton OUP)  - the only student textbook in this field. Georgina has been invited to take over editorship of the entire book from 2016/7.  Rory O'Ryan and Camille Warren were credited with assistance in the current chapter 8.

In practice as a tenant at Chambers (1997 - 2012), Georgina focused primarily on civil actions against the police, prison law, immigration and asylum, inquests and criminal defence. 

Guest Lecturer at the Sorbonne, Paris in March 2002 and March 2004 on UK Human Rights Law.



  • ‘Making Difference Matter: Personhood and the Female Refugee’ (2013) International Journal of Refugee Law Vol. 25 No. 3 pp. 470–501 (co-authored with Barbara Mauthe)
  • ‘Not an invitation to rape: The Sexual Offences Act 2003, consent and the case of the 'drunken' victim’ - [2011] 62 NILQ (1) pp. 99-118
  • ‘Still a migrant first? The Detention of Asylum Seeking Children after the BCIA 2009’ (2010) Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, Issue 2
  • ‘Renegotiating Reproductive Technologies: The 'Public Foetus' Revisited’ (2009) 92 Feminist Review pp. 54 -71
  • ‘The Rape Trial and Sexual History Evidence: R v A and the (Un)worthy Complainant’ (2006) NILQ 57 (3) pp. 442-464

Book Chapters:

  • Updated chapter 8 on ‘family life’ in Clayton, G (2014) Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law (6e), OUP, Oxford.
  • Updating chapters 8, 14, 15, 16 in Clayton, G (2016) Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law (7e) forthcoming in 2016, OUP, Oxford.

Conferences & Lectures:

  • Organiser and Chair of ‘Contemporary Issues in Refugee Law’ conference, Lancaster University, 7th July 2015
  • ‘Consent and the Drunken Victim’ presented at Lancaster University, Re-examining legal and criminal justice responses to rape, 7 May 2015
  • Keynote speaker at German Migration Law Network, Stuttgart November 2014. Title of speech ‘"Who is (still) in need of protection? The construction of vulnerability as a barrier to innovation".
  • ‘Personhood and Refugee Women’ presented at the Feminist Futures Conferences, Brunel University, July 2011.
  • ‘The Detention of asylum seeking children in families’ presented to Richardson Institute conference on ‘Forced Migration’ – October 2010.
  • ‘Testimony in the Asylum courts’ prepared for a series of AHRC Interdisciplinary Research Workshops with Dr. Jane Kilby at Salford University.
  • ‘Making Difference Matter: Fitting Women into the Refugee Convention’ – presented at CLG conference, Kent, February 2007
  • ‘R v A and the rape trial’ presented to SLSA conference in 2004.


  • ILPA
  • SLSA and SLS




European Legal Studies
LL.B (First Class Honours) Benefactors Scholar, Middle Temple
LLM (Socio-Legal Studies) awarded with distinction