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Welcome to Garden Court North Chambers.

Formed in 1996, we are a progressive set of barristers with a strong commitment to publicly funded work and to offering representation to those disadvantaged by discrimination and inequality or with multiple and complex needs. This ethos underpins our emphasis upon criminal defence and civil rights based work in all the areas in which we practice.

"Garden Court North has established a strong practice in the field of claimant-based human rights"

Chambers & Partners 2014


"This set's civil liberties and human rights offering is founded on a strong commitment to the representation of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals..."

Chambers & Partners 2013


"The front-line staff at Garden Court North are considered a real asset, with sources noting that the clerks are "helpful, friendly and easy to deal with." 

Chambers & Partners 2012


"an impressive set that houses barristers who are 'prompt, [and] approachable' ...Solicitors favour the individuals here not just because of their evident legal skills, but also because they provide extremely useful seminars, newsletters and ad hoc advice." 

Chambers & Partners 2011


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Human Rights
Public law (Judicial Review)
Community care
Employment & discrimination
Immigration & asylum
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Hillsborough inquests
Council tax reduction
IPP Art 5 (Kaiyam)
Parole (Osborne & Booth)
Whole life ECHR (Vinter)
Oxford sex-grooming case
James ECHR (IPP sentences)
Equal pay (Trafford)
Joint enterprise (Gnango)
Third party race discrim
Art 9 protection (Bashir)
Pinnock (Art 8 defences)
Noone (HDC)
Sex offenders register
Third Party Support 
Sonny Lodge Public Inquiry
Guittard (IPP transfer)
Michael Shields freed
Ian Lawless freed


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DISCLAIMER: We are aware of a potential scam where people wanting to become au pairs are being informed by email that the organisation they have contacted have consulted with named barristers from Garden Court North Chambers and that the individual applying for the au pair role should transfer a specific amount of money to the organisation concerned.  Garden Court North chambers and it’s members have not been consulted in any way by this organisation and have had no contact whatsoever with the author of the email (updated 7.7.14).

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